Elanco Animal Health

elancoIn conjunction with this years National Ploughing Championship, Agriland in association with Elanco are giving away up to €1000 worth of Animal Health products.

The winner will have the choice between Elanco’s CLiK or CLiKZiN product for Sheep or Fasinex for Cattle.


  • Long-lasting, 16-week cover minimises labour
  • Suitable for ewes and lambs with any fleece length
  • Using CLiK directly off shears saves time by avoiding the need to re-gather sheep
  • Reduces risk of flystrike in sheep and associated productivity losses


  • CLiKZiN gives 8 weeks of protection against blowfly, with only a 7-day meat withhold
  • Suited for use on all stock including lambs for market
  • Gives farmers flexibility when marketing lambs

Fasinex 240 – the cream of liver fluke control…

  • Recommended for dairy cows during the dry period.
  • Contains triclabendazole, the only flukicide to kill all 3 stages of liver fluke: adult, immature and early immature.
  • Offering outstanding productivity benefits including improved yields, more milk solids and up to a 47% improvement in calving rates.