Zetor launches new look proxima

Zetor has introduced a number of improvements to its Proxima, Proxima Plus and Proxima Power models, first versions of which are now available in Ireland.

Biggest improvement is a 1.5 decibel reduction in operating noise making sound level inside the cab quieter than before.
Other changes include a new cab roof with overhead window, design changes to the bonnet that bring it into line with other models in the range, a repositioning of the ignition key switchbox and rear mudguard modifications to facilitate the electronic operation of the rear linkages.
Optional features include a larger capacity 60-litres hydraulic oil pump (an increase on the standard 50-litres version), a fourth double-section auxiliary valve (an increase on the standard three units), more comfortable driver’s seat, passenger seatbelt and two extra rear view mirrors.

Pictured: A front view of the restyled Zetor Proxima showing the newly designed bonnet now in keeping with sister models, the Forterra and the new 80HP Major.


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