‘Your first duty of care is to yourself and your family’ – Creed

The Minister of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed, encouraged farmers to look after their well-being during this difficult period in Irish agriculture.

Speaking at the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association’s (ICSA’s) 25th anniversary dinner celebrations in Kilkenny tonight (Friday, September 7), the minister acknowledged that the past year has been very challenging for farmers.

Following a wet winter and a late spring, farmers were faced with six weeks where they were “flat to the mat” trying to catch up on work, the minister said.

They then had to endure a drought which lasted for two months, the affects of which are still being felt around the entire country, he added.

Speaking at the ICSA event, Minister Creed said: “The most important thing in all of that is that farmers mind themselves and come through this.

Because your first duty of care is to yourself and your family.

“The solidarity and comradeship that an organisation like this delivers is really, really important – especially at times like this.

“It is one of the great hallmarks of the agri-food industry, the togetherness. That really comes to the fore in times like this,” he said.

Noting that many farmers are facing into a winter period with insufficient fodder supplies, the minister underlined the fact “his door is always open to farm organisations”.