‘Women in STEM’ centre focus for Teagasc in Science Week ’17

A new publication, titled Teagasc Women in STEM , has been launched by Teagasc as part of its activities for Science Week 2017.

This publication highlights women who are working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematicss) and will provide female students with potential role models that they can relate to, the agency claims.

In addition, the book exhibits the diverse range of careers available in agri-food research, arising from studying science-related courses at second and third level.

According to the agri-education authority, the publication shows that the agency’s scientists work in a broad variety of areas across its four research programmes.

Women are still very much underrepresented in science, with only 25% of the people working in STEM-related jobs women – despite the fact that STEM-related sectors have been growing far quicker than other sectors and have significantly higher wages.

It is imperative that more young women are encouraged to engage with STEM, Teagasc has said.

Jane Kavanagh, Head of Research Operations in Teagasc and editor of the publication, commented on the matter, noting: “We often underestimate the importance of having role models to motivate, inspire us and help us make important decisions, particularly when making decisions about career choices.

One of the recommendations in the iWish Survey is to expose young female students to female role models working in STEM and that is really what this publication is aiming to do.

“It is really interesting that each of the women featured has had a different journey, but they were all sparked by an interest in science,” Kavanagh added.

Launching Teagasc Women in STEM, Teagasc Director, Prof. Gerry Boyle said: “STEM skills are crucial for providing solutions to the global problems we face in today’s world. People working in STEM are changing the face of the world we live in.

Studying STEM subjects provides you with key skills including critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, innovation, design and communications – all of which are highly valued by employers for many different jobs.

For those interested, Teagasc Women in STEM can be downloaded from the Teagasc website here.