Wintry conditions and below freezing temperatures forecast

Wintry conditions and below freezing temperatures are set to be the norm for the week ahead, according to Met Eireann.

Today, Monday, is expected to be a bright, blustery, showery day. Many of the showers are set to be heavy and prolonged – especially in southwestern, western and northern areas. There is also a danger of some local hail and thunder.

Temperatures will range from 6º to 9º at best, but it will feel colder in the fresh to strong and gusty west to northwesterly winds – these winds may reach gale force around northern coasts this afternoon.

Overnight showers – a few of which may be wintry – will be confined gradually to coastal parts of the west and north and a few may be wintry. It is forecast to turn colder under clear skies; there is a risk of frost forming, together with a possibility of icy patches and lowest temperature of zero to 3º.

Drying conditions are set to be reasonable at times away from the showers over the coming days. But opportunities for spraying will be limited early in the week on account of the blustery weather – spraying conditions are due to improve later in the week, especially in the south and east.

At the moment, most soils are close to saturation – with poorly drained soils waterlogged and there is only a slight improvement likely over the next seven days, Met Eireann explained.


Tomorrow, Tuesday, is expected to be cold with long spells of sunshine in most parts. Some showers, mainly in northern and western areas, are forecast too.

Afternoon temperatures will reach highs of between 5º and 8º, but it will likely feel colder in the fresh and gusty north-west to northerly winds – which will be strong on exposed coasts, Met Eireann added.

There will be a possibility of showers on Tuesday night over north Ulster and north-west Conncht – with a possibility of these turning wintry inland and around higher ground.

It is set to be largely dry and cold under clear skies. Temperatures could drop to as low as -2º, with a danger of widespread frost forming alongside icy patches. North to north-west winds are forecast to fall light inland, but will remain moderate to fresh near coasts.


Good sunny spells are expected on Wednesday, but showers will continue to affect north Ulster, north-west Connacht and west Munster. There will be risk of some wintry precipitation inland.

It is set to be a cold day with afternoon highs of just 4º to 6º, in light to moderate northwest or northerly breezes. Meanwhile, largely dry – away from north and west coasts, where wintry showers will continue -and clear spells are forecast for Wednesday night.

Again, temperatures may drop to between -2º to 2º. Widespread frost and icy patches will also be likely.

On Thursday, cloud amounts will increase and showers will continue to affect parts of north Ulster and north-west Connacht, according to Met Eireann.

There is expected to be an increased risk of showers extending into eastern parts of the country, afternoon temperatures range from 4º to 8º.

Early indications suggest that Friday will be mainly dry, with some rain and drizzle developing by evening or early that night.