Winter barley yields ‘very poor’ – Teagasc

This week, Teagasc released some yields from the winter barley harvest so far and as AgriLand has detailed over the past few weeks reports are mixed.

In the south-east and midlands harvest is well underway. In parts, some farmers are finishing off winter barley, while others started this week.

Early crops in the region performed very poorly and there has been little improvement as work progresses.

According to Teagasc’s figures yields are ranging from between 5t/ha (2t/ac) and 10t/ha (4t/ac) and are averaging 7.5t/ha (3t/ac).

“Better yields were from ‘fresh fields’ in heavy soils, with organic manures applied,” the report stated.

Also in the south-east and midlands straw yields were reported to be back by about 50%. A small amount of winter oats and oilseed rape went under the knife, but it is too early for yield indications.

Teagasc also described yields in the north-east as “very poor”.  The best of the crops were reaching 7.5t/ha (3t/ac) according to the report. Straw yields are also back dramatically.

Teagasc reported yields of 9.5-11t/ha (3.8-4.5t/ac) in the south of the country with straw yields back by 20-25% on last year so far.

The report stated that there wasn’t enough data available to provide yield ranges from the north-west of the country.