Which self-propelled forage harvesters are Irish contractors buying…this year?

Which self-propelled forage harvester brands are topping the sales league here in Ireland thus far this year? We’ve delved into the raw registration data (supplied by Motorcheck.ie) to find out.

It must be stressed, however, that this data does contain some anomalies.

We’ve sought to correct these where practical but, given the provisional nature of this data, these numbers should be treated as “indicative” rather than “definitive”.

Which brand is on top?

In any event, Claas appears to be the top-selling forager brand here in Ireland thus far in 2019. The raw data suggests that 34 of its (new) self-propelled foragers have been registered – from January up until mid-to-late July (inclusive).

All, of course, are classified as Jaguar machines, but we can’t decipher how sales are split between the various models.

The data also suggests that 11 (new) Krone self-propelled foragers have been registered so far.

Image source: Shane Casey

Seven are BiG X 630 models; two are Big X 580 machines; another is a BiG X 530. Last, but certainly not least, there’s also a BiG X 780 in the mix.

Interestingly, no fewer than six (new) Krone BiG M 450 self-propelled mowers were also registered.

Meanwhile, the data indicates that nine (new) John Deere self-propelled foragers have been registered.

Image source: Shane Casey

Four appear to be 8500 models; two are 8600 machines; there’s also a 9600, a 9700 and a 9800 in the mix.

We can’t find evidence of any registrations of (new) New Holland or Fendt foragers thus far for 2019.

In any event, this all adds up to a total of 54 new machines. That tallies up exactly with recent data that was released (separately) by the Farm Tractor & Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA).

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According to the association, this year’s sales tally is the “highest for many years”. It’s worth noting that just 35 new self-propelled forage harvesters were registered during the entirety of last year (2018).