What has Ireland’s newest cattle tag supplier to offer farmers?

Ireland’s newest cattle tag supplier, Datamars, has announced the opening of its Irish office (Datamars Agri). The Leinster-based company’s tag range includes visual, tissue and electronic tags.

These tags are proven to be robust and reliable and are currently widely used in the UK, Europe and in nearly 100 countries around the world.

The company’s fast delivery sets it apart as once it has your order, the order will dispatch within 48 hours.

Datamars tags give you the edge

Meeting all official identification and BVD testing needs, Datamars’ TypiFix-S tissue tag is a leading tissue sampling tag that is applied to the ear as easily as a conventional ear tag.

It is designed to allow tagging, tissue collection and sealing of the sample container in a single-step process. It is unrivalled in its ease of use and offers reliable sample success rates (>99.7%).

Additionally, all samples can be stored at room temperature without the need for refrigeration until posting to the laboratory. A new run set costs €2.30 (€2.68 including ICBF contribution).

Datamars’ tissue tag and visual set

Datamars also offer replacement tags and will have the tags on the way to your farm within 24 hours. Choosing Datamars means saving money, with replacements only costing €1.95 for a single and €2.80 for a set.

Electronic tags popular with dairy farmers are also available to order. Combining tissue sampling and electronic identification, the tag is available with HDX or FDX-B technology.

The Datamars applicator is a full metal build for robustness and durability. The BVD TypiFix-S tissue tags work with our metal applicator. Visual tags work with farmers’ existing universal tag applicator.

How to place your order

Placing orders can be carried out in a number of ways.

Order forms can be downloaded from the company’s website, while inquiries by phone will allow customers to request an order form to be posted, faxed or emailed.

Datamars Agri boasts an unmatched online platform, offering a user-friendly experience and a highly-efficient and easy-to-use tag ordering process. The company’s newly launched online store will also cater to customers’ online ordering needs.

Currently Datamars Agri has approval to have tissue tags tested at four designated laboratories. Agri-Diagnostics, Enfer Laboratories, Irish Equine Center and the Scottish Agricultural College.

Sampling is made easier through Datamars tissue tags as modifications have eliminated the need for refrigeration storage, but it’s still advisable to return the sample to the labs within seven days as per AHI recommendations.

As a customer of Datamars Agri you can expect professional service, communication with friendly, fully trained staff and turnaround times that will impress.

For more information call 01 4594664 or Click here