Sheep trade, latest from Bord Bia

The sheep trade eased again this week as numbers being marketed continue to strengthen. Trade continues to be affected by the high weather conditions across some of our key export markets.

Quotes for lamb are generally making between  €4.80-5.00/kg, with more available for Quality Assured lamb. Prices paid for cull ewes were generally making between €1.80-2.00/kg.

Weekly sheep supplies for the week ending the 20th July were around 1,400 head higher compared to the same week in 2012 at 60,800 head. To date this year, sheep supplies are 169,500 head higher.

Trade across the UK improved slightly throughout the week despite some increase in domestic supplies combined with market demand remaining weak in France. By the weekend, new season lamb at live markets across England and Wales were making the equivalent of around €4.89/kg dw.

In France, trade remains under pressure in response to demand remaining weak due to hot weather conditions combined with many Parisians being on holidays. By the end of the week, the Irish Grade1 lamb was making close to €4.72. Demand for Irish product over the coming weeks is expected to remain under pressure as many Parisians remain on holiday.

Ex Rungis Lamb Prices (covered lamb) 24th July, 2013 (€/kg)

Grade U, French 6.70, Imported 5.40:    R, French 6.10, Imported 5.30;    O, French 6.00, Imported 5.10

Deadweight Lamb Prices (€/kg dw)

Week Ending % Change Average to Date % Ch
22.07.2012 20.07.2013 Prev.Week Prev.Year 2012 2013
Ireland 4.55 4.97 0.8 9.2 4.87 4.78 -1.8
Spain 4.50 4.94 0.0 9.8 4.06 3.76 -7.4
Northern Ireland 4.57 4.91 -1.2 7.4 4.92 4.68 -4.9
New Zealand * 3.62 n.a. n.a. n.a. 3.70 2.88 -22.2
Netherlands 5.82 5.47 -1.8 -6.0 5.44 5.02 -7.7
Great Britain 5.40 5.46 -3.9 1.1 5.34 5.02 -6.0
Germany 4.74 n.a. n.a. n.a. 5.13 4.97 -3.1
France 6.23 6.45 -1.7 3.5 6.42 6.37 -0.8
Australia 3.63 n.a. n.a. n.a. 3.62 3.19 -11.9
*New Zealand price quoted in Australian dollars

Sheep YTD chart
Sheep YTD chart

Information update by Bord Bia Food Alert/Graphs courtesy Bord Bia


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