Video: This is why you don’t block a farmer’s gate!

Two women were left stunned and in stitches last weekend after they encountered a farmer driving a tractor down a country lane complete with a Mazda car on the front forks of the tractor.

Filmed in Somerset in south west England, it was uploaded to YouTube and is fast gaining traction on the internet.

Confronted with the sight of the Mazda being moved by the tractor the woman in the passenger seat did only what one could do when faced with such a situation – she filmed the whole thing on her phone!

The farmer walking along the road in the video says that whoever was driving the Mazda “parked it in this chap’s drive” so they were asked to move it.

The driver of the car needs to reverse in order to let the tractor pass with the car, which is the width of the road.

The farmer directing the tractor down the road tells the women that no one claimed the Mazda.

“We’re going to put it on the main road… police’s problem then,” he said.

As the car-carrying tractor moves out of view, it is unknown as to where they brought the car. A lesson to anyone who ever thinks of parking in front of a gate!