Video: A machine that can act as a tractor, digger and loading shovel

The Diverto QS100 is a multi-purpose contraption, that claims to combine a mini-digger, a small loading shovel and a utility tractor in one novel package.

The innovative machine designed and built by Dutch company, Diverto Technologies, is generating significant interest on social media.

Founded in 2004, the company developed its first prototype ‘folding boom’ machine the following year.

Following lengthy, ongoing developments, the QS100 went into production just over two years ago. The key elements of the design are protected by a plethora of 20 different patents, according to the company.

Unlike similarly-sized mini-diggers, this wheeled machine features a wide, spacious cab. The 360-degree operation promises to out-perform traditional, small backhoe loaders.

The novel ‘folding boom’ design enables the main boom/jib to morph into a front loader, albeit with limited lift height.

Diverto QS100
The QS100’s ‘folding boom’ doubles as a loader arm or excavator jib.

A three-point linkage enables the multi-purpose machine to couple to a wide array of attachments; Diverto claims there are up to 200 available ‘tool’ applications. It is capable of a top road speed of 40kph.

The machine can also be manoeuvred and controlled remotely using a hand-held console.

Likely buyers, according to the company, will include specialist contractors tackling construction, local authority, utility and even agricultural work.

Thus far, the company has a network of five dealers, all of whom are based in continental Europe. This means it may be some time before we see these machines in Ireland.

Diverto QS100
The cab is relatively spacious for such a compact machine.

A similar, though perhaps not so versatile, offering is JCB’s Hydradig 110W. While it does not share the Diverto’s multi-purpose ‘folding boom’, it does aim to broaden the role of the specialist wheeled excavator.

Of course, the challenge for Diverto will be to convince prospective buyers that the innovative QS100 is a ‘jack of all trades’ and not a ‘master of none’.