Video: 5 machines that would make every farmer’s Late Late Toy Show

Ryan Tubridy will kick off the Late Late Toy show later tonight and hundreds of thousands of people, both young and old, will be fascinated with the extravaganza on show.

To coincide with tonight’s show, the team here at Agriland have compiled a list of five machines that every farmer would like to see on the farming version of the Late Late Toy Show.

Although some of the machines featured are not available in Ireland just yet, you never know the miracles Santa Claus might work.

And just in case, it might be a good idea to ask him to leave it in the shed rather then trying to fit one of these massive machines in your sitting room!

1. Remote control tractor

Earlier this year, Case IH unveiled an autonomous or driverless tractor concept in the US.

The ‘remote control tractor’ was designed to operate with a wide range of field implements and it was based on the much adored Case IH Magnum tractor range.

It automatically takes into account the width of implements, obstructions and other machines working the field.

2. A 590 horsepower Tribine combine

Another massive machine from the US, this 590 horsepower Tribine combine is said to be latest concept in harvesting technology since World War II.

The impressive machine can eliminate the need for a tractor and trailer in many harvesting operations, as it is equipped with a grain tank capacity of 36,000L.

Under the bonnet, the Tribine is powered by two Cummins engines, which provide 590 horsepower.

The 1,900L fuel tank also allows the combine to work for 24 hours without the need refuel.

3. A machine to take the hardship out of picking stones

The back breaking job that is picking stones might just become a whole lot easier, if you could get your hands on this machine.

The Flexxifinger Quicker Picker Rock Picker is the world’s first rotary rock picker for skid loader use and allows farmers to pick rocks with ease.

Designed on a rotary combine, farmers can now pick stones with ease, picking rocks two to three times faster than rock buckets and it will fit on any skid loader with a quick attach plate.

4. A self-propelled post driver

On to an Irish machine, Kilkenny-based firm Vector Powerdrive has developed its latest self-propelled, tracked post driver for contract or professional fencing operations.

The new Vector Powerdrive Model 8 is built on a tracked dumper, which allows for a very low centre of gravity and a light footprint.

The self-propelled post driver requires just one person to operate and the design allows the operator out of the machine when fencing, which is important on extreme terrain.

5. Something to change the way you look at straw

Krone launched its latest development in straw management technology in Hungary earlier this year – the Krone Premos 5000.

The new concept in straw management has the potential to become a game changer in the way farmers deal with their straw.

The Krone Premos 5000 converts straw into a pelleted form in the field, thus reducing some of the handling associated with round or square bales.