Thundery showers return this weekend

Thundery showers are set to return this weekend with a danger of spot flooding in places, according to Met Eireann.

It is expected to be generally cloudy and misty today, with some early patches of drizzle and fog; these are forecast to clear as the morning progresses.

Some bright or short sunny spells may develop over southern and western areas, with just the odd shower. Further drizzly, dull weather will affect parts of east Ulster later in the day as top temperatures reach the early teens in light variable breezes.

Tonight will be misty and cloudy, with some patches of drizzle and fog in places; but a few clear spells will be likely too, mainly over parts of Munster. Temperatures will drop to between 5º and 7º.

Both drying and spraying conditions will be variable over the weekend. Opportunities for spraying will present themselves today and tomorrow, but they will become less frequent on Sunday. On the other hand, drying conditions could see an improvement on Sunday.

Most soils are currently saturated and for many places there won’t be an improvement. However, eastern areas should see some improvement, as it should be drier overall in these parts, Met Eireann added.


Some bright or short sunny spells are likely tomorrow (Saturday). But there will be a danger of some cloudy and misty periods too, with a few light showers in places. Top temperatures will range from 11º to 14º.

Meanwhile, tomorrow night will be generally cloudy and misty, with rain becoming widespread and heavy.

It is set to become windy also, with strong and gusty south-east winds developing. Conditions are forecast to be mild, with lowest temperatures of 6º to 9º.


It will remain windy on Sunday, with the stiff south-east winds persisting. Further rain or showers may also develop; there is a danger of these turning heavy and possibly thundery in places – with a risk of some spot flooding.

Patches of hill and coastal fog are set to form, as temperatures range from 10º to 13º.

The rain and showers are forecast to ease overnight, but it will stay mild and humid with mist and fog in places. On Sunday night, temperatures will drop to between 6º and 9º.

A further spell of windy and very wet weather is expected to move in across the country during Monday and Monday night; this rain will affect much of the country during Tuesday also, Met Eireann explained.

There will be an increased risk of flooding, with Atlantic and southern coastal counties especially at risk, it added.