Teagasc by numbers

Agriculture and the food sector continue to be one of the major contributors to the Irish economy and to economic activity in all rural areas.

This was still the case in 2012, despite weather-related setbacks and fluctuations in prices for farm gate products.

Teagasc, through its research, education and advisory activities, endeavours to lead developments in the farming sector as producers individually and collectively develop their dairy, beef, sheep, pigs, crops and other enterprises.

Here’s a 2012 insight by numbers into one of Ireland’s most significant advisory body.

  • Clients 42, 623
  • Discussion/Project groups 696
  • Profit monitors 5,957
  • Visits 19,272
  • Consultations 74,488
  • 41,316 single farm payment applications made for clients
  • 6,758 simple fertiliser plans completed for farmers
  • 2,659 detailed nutrient management plans done
  • External Research funding in 2012 from EU grants, state grants and levies, €13.7m
  • Number of Walsh Fellows completed in 2012 64
  • Number of projects completed in 2012 82
  • Simple fertiliser plans 6,758
  • Cross compliance 4,402
  • REPS Records 6,317
  • Income-generated plans 946
  • Number of workshops 449
  • Farm walks 295
  • 271 Teagasc Beef Technology Adoption Programmes
  • 2,566 total higher-level and FETAC-run agriculture and horticulture courses
  • 157 adult education courses, with 3,867 participants

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