Straw prices: Variation in prices as many store

As is usual, there is a large variation in prices across the country and prices are keenest in the south-east as demand for straw is further afield.

However, the sense is that tillage farmers are happy to store product until prices settle and perhaps improve.

Prices for 4X4 bales of barley straw in Co. Wexford range from as low as €11/bale to €15/bale, but the run of the prices in the county looks to be €13/bale and €14/bale. Big bales of barley straw are priced at approximately €35/bale in Co. Wexford.

Moving up to Co. Kildare and barley straw is priced at between €15/bale and €18/bale. Big bales of barley straw are hitting €40/bale, while big bales of wheaten straw are at €35/bale.

Prices in Co. Dublin are similar, with barley straw at €18/bale.

In counties Tipperary and Kilkenny, oaten straw is priced at €14-15/bale.

Moving to the west, in Co. Kerry barley straw was priced at €25/bale, while at the other end of the country, in Co. Donegal, a price of €22/bale was reported.

Difficult season

This harvest has been difficult to get a definite price on straw with farmers happy to store until a price is settled.

Both sellers and buyers alike should be accounting for the low levels of straw available this season compared to others when talking about prices.

Poor weather and difficult working conditions involved in producing straw this year meant that much of it needed to be turned, some on more than one occasion.

Likewise, buyers should be happy with their purchase and where possible look at the product before they buy.