SIMA 2019: More details emerge on Mancel’s Europe-wide plans

Last Sunday (February 24), we brought you news that Mancel – a new tractor brand – had unveiled its first pre-production units at the SIMA show in Paris, France.

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Now, more details have emerged about the company and its intentions.

The tractors are being built at a factory in Saint-Dizier (France).

This facility is well known in the agricultural machinery trade, through its previous associations with International Harvester (IH), Case IH, CNH, Argo Tractors (and specifically the McCormick tractor brand) and, in more recent times, Chinese entity YTO.

Mancel is owned by YTO Group, but the tractors are being marketed as “European” machines. There is a particular emphasis on the ‘Made in France’ ethos.

The engines in the tractors seen thus far are from FPT. The front axles are from Carraro.

The transmissions are built in Saint-Dizier by Mancel/YTO. This is not surprising; this factory has been making tractor transmissions for a considerable time.

According to Mancel, “80% of the components in its tractors are sourced from high-profile European suppliers”.

Initially, the Mancel line-up will be divided into three series – running from 80hp to 145hp.

The tractors will hit the market from the first quarter of 2020 onwards (using Stage V compliant engines).

According to the company, this year (2019) will provide the “opportunity to finalise tractor development, testing and licensing” for a multitude of European markets.

Interestingly, YTO Group’s parent company is China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH). In total, that entity claims to have 160,000 employees in 170 countries.