Silage prices: €20-35 quoted for 4X4 round bales

Unfortunately, the recent snow has prolonged the housing period. It comes just when land was beginning to dry and grazing looked to be getting closer in some places. Many farmers will now be on the look out for silage again.

Silage prices remain relatively unchanged since AgriLand‘s last round-up of prices at the beginning of February. The prices quoted below are all for 4X4 round bales.

Prices are generally lowest in the Leinster area. Silage has been quoted at €20/bale in the counties of Carlow and Dublin, while a price of €25/bale has been asked for in Co. Laois and Co. Wexford. The highest price found by AgriLand in Leinster was €30/bale in both Co. Kildare and Co. Kilkenny.

Moving into Munster, €25/bale was also sought in Co. Waterford. Generally speaking, prices increased across Munster. €27/bale was requested in parts of Co. Tipperary and €28/bale was quoted in Co. Cork.

As usual, prices were highest in the west of the country and €35/bale is still a common price in this region. Silage is available for €35/bale in both Co. Leitrim and Co. Donegal.

As always, buyers are advised to look for details of when the silage was harvested and the weather conditions in which it was made. Buyers should also go and see an open bale where possible.