Have you removed IPU from your chemical store?

The use-up period for IPU (isoproturon) comes to an end today, September 30. The sale of IPU was prohibited since September 2016 and farmers who had any in stock were to use up the product by today.

IPU can no longer be used on farms. Farmers who have IPU in stock should dispose of it at a hazardous waste collection centre – many of which are available across the country.

Under cross compliance, farmers should not have products in their chemical stores that do not have a valid PCS (pesticide control service) number.

The Department of Agriculture explained to AgriLand what happens if these products are found in a chemical store after the use-up period has ended.

If a farm is inspected after September 30 and products containing IPU are found in the pesticides store, their presence is noted.

“The farmer is not allowed to use such products and, as they are outside their use-by date, they are considered ‘hazardous waste’. As such, the farmer is obliged to dispose of such products as hazardous waste.”

The department went to to state: “If on subsequent inspection the products containing IPU are no longer present, the farmer is expected to have proof of safe and appropriate disposal.

Receipts are provided on delivery of product to a Farm Hazardous Waste Collection Centre.

It’s important to note that products can be re-registered with the pesticide control service (PCS) in the department and products can receive new PCS numbers.

Farmers should always check that all products in their store have up-to-date PCS numbers and use older stock first.

Farm hazardous waste collections will take place across the country in October. Collection centres will be open from 9:30am to 3:30pm.

Locations of Farm Hazardous Waste Collection Centres:
  • Bandon Mart – Wednesday, October 18;
  • Nenagh Mart – Wednesday, October 25;
  • Enniscorthy Mart – Friday, October 27;
  • Listowel Mart –  Saturday, November 4;
  • Kilkenny Mart, Cillin Hill – Wednesday, November 8;
  • Cahir Mart – Tuesday, November 14;
  • Mayo-Sligo Co-operative Mart, Ballina – Friday, November 17;
  • Tullamore Mart – Tuesday, November 21;
  • Athenry Mart – Friday, November 24;
  • Kells Recycling Centre – Tuesday, November 28.