Results are in: ‘Big-boned’ New Holland TM150 tops the ‘starter tractor’ poll

We recently ran a poll to determine what the best ‘starter tractor’ for agricultural contracting is.

While there are almost endless possibilities, for the sake of brevity we outlined four options – some of which might well be regarded as ‘modern, working classics’.

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We’ve since closed the poll; almost 2,700 people voted – thanks for your input!

The four options were as follows:
  • New Holland TM150 (Range Command);
  • John Deere 6910 (AutoQuad II);
  • Massey Ferguson 6290 (Dynashift);
  • Fendt 714 (Vario).

The clear winner was the New Holland TM150; it amassed over 1,000 votes  – or 38% of the total poll. Next up was the John Deere 6910; it attracted 31% of the votes cast.

The Massey Ferguson 6290 came in at 21%; the somewhat specialist Fendt 714 Vario attracted just 9% of the overall tally.

Of course, readers logged many other suggestions – for tractors that you felt should have been included but weren’t this time around.

One even suggested a grey Fergie; we’re not sure if it would be fit to handle many of today’s modern implements – laden as they are with hydraulic and even electronic components.

Tongue-in-cheek ‘bog tractor’ poll

We also ran an impromptu poll to determine Ireland’s first-choice ‘bog tractor‘ over recent days.

Over 2,300 votes were cast; an omnipresent Massey Ferguson came out on top – from a selection of four relatively random options.

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Image source: JMG Vehicle Pics (Flickr)

The short-listed candidates were:
  • Massey Ferguson 135;
  • Zetor 5211;
  • Leyland 262;
  • Ford 3600.

The ever-popular MF 135 attracted 73% of all votes cast; the others were well behind (Ford 3600 – 14%; Zetor 5211 – 9%; and Leyland 262 – 4%).

Encouragingly, we had plenty of suggestions from readers for what should have been on the list. We’ll feed these into our future endeavours.


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