Recipe for Success: IASC Irish Shellfish Butter

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Recipe for Success: IASC Irish Shellfish Butter

WORKS: Cork-based IASC Irish Shellfish Butter is the world’s first protein-enriched, culinary butter developed to bring the magic of Umami to your fish and seafood recipes. IASC Irish Shellfish Butter is, first of all, a full creamery Irish, salted, natural butter.

ABOUT: Colin Ross and James Grimes came to Bord Bia with just an idea for a new and innovative way to use mussels. Through different stages, they worked exceptionally hard and used all the supports made available to them, ie attending all workshops, working intensely with business advisors, using all contacts made available.

During a Bord Bia-supported programme, they refined their product for a specific food service offering. They sourced all raw ingredients in Ireland (such as organic rope-grown mussels from Murphy’s Irish Seafood in Bantry Bay, wild Irish seaweed from Spanish Point, Co Clare) and found partners who could manufacture for them.

Based on developing an investor ready business plan, they secured Enterprise Ireland start-up support. They have started trading and first order has been delivered to Pallas Foods. They have identified opportunities in the UK and are exporting to Direct Seafoods in London since last month.

LESSONS: According to Ross: “Many. Do it right, once, if at all possible. Don’t cut corners. Prepare. I could go on.”

CHALLENGES: One of the biggest challenges was getting food service professionals and consumers to adopt iASC irish Shellfish Butter as a larder staple for seafood flavours and dishes, Ross said.

PLANS: It has three more butter products in the pipeline, explained Ross, plus gluten-free crisps, sauces and other innovative products. “We plan to be exporting around the world in five years.”

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Pictured: Colin Ross and James Grimes of IASC Irish Shellfish Butter, which won the 2013 Blas na hÉireann Irish Food Award for Seafood Innovation