Race for IFA President nominations down to six candidates

The race to become the next President of the IFA has seen the starting seven whittle down to six, a day before the deadline for nominations.

According to the rules governing IFA, candidates must have the backing of their own county and signatures from five different County Chairmen to qualify them, all by the evening of Wednesday, January 6.

Seven men across the country had been seeking backing and signatures, but it has emerged that one has withdrawn from the race, while another two are believed to have secured the five signatures they need.

Both Henry Burns and Joe Healy are reported to have the necessary five signatures each and the back of their own counties.

Tipperary man Tim Cullinan confirmed that he is not considering running anymore, despite having the backing of his country and a number of others backing him.

His work commitments on his pig farm in Tippeary are believed to be significant and not conducive to taking on the full-time workload the role of IFA President would need.

That leaves Derek Deane, Flor McCarthy, Nigel Renaghan and Tim O’Leary battling it out to fill the final two candidate slots.

All have said they are confident of obtaining the necessary signatures, but with the National Executive meeting today it will no doubt be an interesting time in Bluebell as the final signatures are sought.


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