Poll: How much are you paying for silage?

Silage prices are variable across the country – 4X4 round bales. AgriLand has found prices ranging from €20/bale to €40/bale.

Buyers should be cautious when parting with their money. A significant amount of silage was made in late-autumn and even into early winter, so make sure what you are buying was baled dry and is of good quality.

Prices are highest in the south and west of the country. €40/bale is being asked for in some parts of Co. Cork, while €30/bale is a common price along the west coast and was reached in counties Mayo, Donegal and Galway.

Other counties are more reasonable with a price of €25/bale being asked for in counties Leitrim, Clare, Monaghan and Donegal. €20/bale was the lowest price found by AgriLand.

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How much are you paying for silage?

  • €25-30/bale (32%)
  • €30-35/bale (25%)
  • €20-25/bale (22%)
  • €35-40/bale (22%)

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2017 prices

These prices are not dissimilar to this time last year. On December 20, 2017 AgriLand published a round-up of silage prices.

At that time prices were ranging between €20/bale and €30/bale. As well, the lower prices were being quoted in the midlands and south east of the country. However, this season those areas were some of the worst affected by the drought.

Prices of €30/bale at the same time last year were being reported in the west of the country – counties Donegal, Mayo, Clare and Kerry.