Pics: Farming on a different scale – 1:32 to be exact

The Mitchelstown Model Show was held in – as you might have guessed – Mitchelstown last Sunday (April 8).

The venue was the Fir Grove Hotel. There were plenty of younger, ‘would-be farmers’ present – looking for the next purchase for the ‘carpet farm’ at home.

But more serious-minded collectors came along too; some of these fanatics (of all things farming) even scratch-build their own scale models.

Events such as Sunday’s typically play host to a mix of retailers and collectors – showing their wares (and the fruits of their labour) in impressively-complex dioramas.

Charlie Dalton and Michael Noonan are new to the scene, but already have a sound grasp of farm machinery

Many of the farm models at such events are in 1:32 scale, though smaller and larger items also populate these venues.

While there was a relatively limited selection of farm model manufacturers to choose from many moons ago – limited to the likes of Britains – nowadays there is a bigger selection. Names like Universal Hobbies and Wiking are now part of the scene.

The show was organised by John Valence in aid of the ‘Special Friends’ group in Mitchelstown, which organises classes and trips for those with special needs in the area.

Show sponsors included: Fir Grove Hotel; McDonnell Bros (grain and feed merchants); Pat O’Conner and Sons Agricultural Hire; and Pat Geary Livestock Haulage.

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Justin Roberts was at Sunday’s event in Mitchelstown for AgriLand to capture these pictures (below); they are just a sample of what was on display – appealing to young and old alike.

Click on a thumbnail in the gallery (below) to open up a full-size image; once opened you can scroll sideways to see the next picture.