Operating surplus in agriculture rose 4.6% in 2014 – CSO

The final estimate of operating surplus in agriculture in 2014 shows an annual increase of 4.6%, the Central Statistics Office (CSO) says.

It says this follows on from an increase of 4.1% in 2013 and the rise in the 2014 operating surplus can be mainly attributed to a decrease of 9.9% in the value of total intermediate consumption.

This was primarily relating to expenditure on commercial feeding stuffs (-17.9%), it says.

A further comparison by the CSO of 2014 to 2013 showed that in estimated values, goods output at producer prices decreased by 5.3% or €390m with output valued at €7m.

Cattle output decreased by 6.5% (€140m) in 2014 and milk output increased by 1% (€20m), compared to 2013, the CSO says.

There was a fall in cereals output in 2014, it decreased by 3.1% (€9m) and expenditure on fertilisers also decreased by 7.9% (€48m), it says.

The CSO says that expenditure on retail feeding-stuffs decreased by 17.9% (€289m) last year compared to 2013 and total intermediate consumption decreased by 9.9% (€562m).

Latest agricultural output price index up in April

The latest agricultural output price index (April) increased by 0.4% from March 2015, CSO figures show.

The agricultural input price index was up 0.3% over the same period. Thus, the resulting terms of trade index increased by 0.1% in April 2015, it says.

Looking at the CSO figures on an annual basis, the agricultural output price index decreased by 4.1% in April 2015 compared with April 2014.

The agricultural input price index was down 2.5% in April 2015 compared with April last year.


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