North/south price differential for heifers widens to nearly 17c/kg

The difference in price for R3 grade heifers between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland stood at 16.8c/kg for the week ending September 18, according to figures from the EU Commission.

In the Republic of Ireland heifers are making 383.2c/kg, a decrease of 2.2c/kg on the prices received one month ago, figures show.

Meanwhile in the North, R3 grade heifers are making 402c/kg, placing them in fourth position in the LMC’s EU league table of deadweight cattle prices.

The EU average heifer price for the week ending September 18 stands at 377c/kg, falling from 378.1c/kg on August 21. 

Both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland recorded heifer prices above the EU average, with differences of 8.2c/kg and 25c/kg respectively.

EU R3 Grade Heifer Prices (€) Source: EU Commission
EU R3 Grade Heifer Prices (€) Source: EU Commission

Heifer prices have also been on the increase in the UK, up 16.9c/kg from August 21, reaching 427.9c/kg by the end of last week.

The UK heifer prices dwarfs the Irish price of 385.2c/kg, by 42.c/kg, while it also surpasses the Northern Irish price by 25.9c/kg.

The UK R3 grade price for the week ending September 18, was 50.9c/kg above the EU average, leaving it in second place on the league table. 

Meanwhile, Sweden retains its place at the top of the table with a heifer prices just shy of 500c/kg at the end of last week, an increase of 12.5c/kg on weeks ago, figures show.

Italy recorded prices of 404.4c/kg in the week ending September 18, leaving them in third position in the league table.

On the other hand, Luxembourg suffered a 14.6c/kg drop in prices for grade R3 heifer prices compared to four weeks ago, meaning they dropped from third position to fifth.

The only other significant changes in prices inside the top 10 were France, with the average price falling by 11c/kg at the end of last week compared to four weeks ago, and Germany, where R3 grade heifer prices rose by 5.6c/kg on the week ending September 18.