New 6-cylinder T6 models to buck the 4-pot fascination?

New Holland has launched a new T6.160 Electro Command model (pictured above). It was unveiled at last week’s SIMA show in Paris, France. It’s a six-cylinder (135/165hp) tractor.

It’s a noteworthy addition, because the existing (135/165hp) T6.165 has a four-cylinder engine.

In addition, New Holland’s most powerful six-cylinder T6 model – the (145/175hp) T6.180 – is now available with the Dynamic Command or Auto Command transmissions. Previously, it was only available with Electro Command.

Sean Lennon, head of the Tractors Product Line, explained: “New Holland has a proud history of leadership in this segment, with extensive choice.

“The new six-cylinder models introduce a new level of performance into this segment with highly versatile tractors that deliver more torque, more engine braking and more stability.

Thanks to its six-cylinder [6.7L NEF] engine, the T6.180 delivers up to 12% higher torque than four-cylinder models.

“Its low-end torque helps pulling away performance. There’s increased torque at mid engine speeds, which improves engine lugging in transport and field applications.

“In addition, the larger displacement results in more effective engine braking in downhill operation and transport, with 50% higher brake capability compared to that of the four-cylinder engine.”

The exhaust brake option (available on both the four and six-cylinder models) is said to increase engine braking by a further 24%.

Sean added: “With the new T6 models, New Holland consolidates its historical leadership of six-cylinder tractors in the 100-150hp segment, built on a heritage dating back to the Ford 10 Series and 40 Series.”

He claimed: “Today, New Holland is the only brand to offer a six-cylinder tractor in this segment.”