New 2021 range of Komatsu forest forwarders hit Ireland

The new, smaller-size 2021 range of Komatsu Forest forwarders – designed primarily for forest thinning applications – have reached Irish shores, according to Irish distributor McHale Plant Sales.

The three-strong Komatsu Forest range includes, first off, a new, smaller 9t 825TX forwarder.

It is followed by an 11t 835TX unit – an upgraded version of the previous 835 unit with a new ‘TX’ designation – and a top-of-the-range 12t 845.

The latter is described by McHale as “a unit proven to perform well both in thinning and in lighter final logging applications”.

Equipped with a fully upgraded design, all models have a new four-cylinder engine and new control system, and come with an ergonomic cab, McHale Plant Sales says.

Other new features include an electric joystick operated mini steering wheel that enables higher transport speeds of 22–25kph, depending on model choice.

All models are equipped with Komatsu’s MaxiXT control system and fitted with a new engine installation that meets latest Stage V emissions legislation for diesel engines, with features that include a new AdBlue system, new exhaust system and hydraulic tappets.

Available as an option on all models is Komatsu’s Bogie Lift Advanced system which facilitates individual control of the left and right bogies – functions that the distributor says “deliver greater mobility when passing over obstacles and operating in dense forest stands that call for agility and good off road handling”.