Minister welcomes 100 jobs for Alltech

Minister of Agriculture Simon Coveney TD welcomed the announcement by Alltech of 100 highly skilled jobs at its European headquarters in Co Meath today.

Referring to the recent opening of the greatly expanded Alltech European Bioscience Centre in Dunboyne, the Minister said: “Alltech is to be congratulated on the impressive expanded facilities that is the centre for its European operations, which will play a key role in research, marketing, regulatory and quality control.”

He continued: “100 new jobs is a great boost for employment opportunities and Alltech’s decision to expand here is no doubt influenced by the availability of highly qualified young graduates in Ireland. The new posts being created are very much in line with the development of the smart agri-food economy as foreseen under Food Harvest 2020”.

Alltech opens new European HQ in Dunboyne





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