Mentoring for agri SMEs exporting to Germany, Benelux regions

The Northern Ireland Food and Drink Association has issued a tender today for the provision of mentoring services to SME food and drink companies exporting into the German and Benelux regions of Europe.

The tenders is seeking for a company to provide 15 SMEs with the business skills that will enable them to do business with the selected channel partners including exporting of produce.

“It is expected that mentors should have experience within retail, foodservice, online sectors and be capable of mentoring for diverse range of food and drink SMEs: to facilitate contacts and relationship-building between SMEs and the channel partners; to ensure that SMEs have the requisite market and customer knowledge to identify opportunities within the market and specifically within the channel partner,” it noted in tender documents.

It added: “To ensure that the SME’s have the business processes required to do business with the channel partner. To ensure that learnings and experiences are fed back to Access Six programme managers to enable continuous improvement for the programme as a whole. To report back to Access Six programme managers on SME/Channel Partner progress within the market.”

The deadline for the tender is 27 August and details are available here.



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