Meat products recalled due to labelling issues

Dunnes Stores is recalling a batch of its slow roasted turkey slices due to labelling issues, according to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI).

The implicated batch was labelled with an incorrect ‘use-by’ date, according to the authority.

Produced in Ireland, the recall affects 120g packs of ‘Dunnes Stores Slow Roasted Turkey Slices’.

The affected products bear the batch code ‘825B2’, and have a use-by date reading November 22, 2018.

According to the FSAI’s Facebook page, the affected product should have read October 22.

Meanwhile, last Friday (October 12), the FSAI announced that additional batches of ‘Brady Family Glazed by Hand Real Irish Ham’ contain mustard.

However, mustard is undeclared on the product labels of these batches.

This may make the implicated batches unsafe for consumers who are allergic to or intolerant of mustard.

The implicated batches were sold in SuperValu, Centra, Londis, Eurospar, XL, Spar and Mace stores, according to the FSAI.

The 90g packs affected have the use-by dates including: October 22; October 25; October 27; October 28; October 28; October 29; October 29; October 29; October 31; and November 1.

The products have the corresponding batch respectively: 4622K3; 4642I5; 4696J2; 4696K2; 4699H3; 4696K2; 4699H3; 4697K2; 4715J5; and 4715J5.

About FSAI

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