Make the most of your AgriNet software by attending user night

AgriNet is hosting a grass meeting on Tuesday May 5 at 8pm in Corrin Mart Fermoy.

Barry Lynch of AgriNet says since the removal of the EU milk quotas there has been a significant uptake in the measuring of grass and correspondingly in the use of the online grassland software at

Agrinet grass software is now in its 6th spring and according to Lynch is proving popular because of it’s simple interface and it’s ability to link farms via online discussion groups.

The evening is aimed at dairy farmers mainly because these are the types of farms that measure grass the most, but dry stock farmers can learn about the principles of grass data as well.

Lynch will show how to use the features of the smartphone software and also the full browser software. Because this is the key time of year for the Grass Wedge, this will be the tool that will be discussed the most, he said.

Lynch says once the farm walk is done and the grass is measured, making the most informed management decisions is the next step.

He says the grass wedge is the management tool of choice at this time of the year.

“Understanding the grass wedge it is key.”

Noel Gowen, Grasstec will also be in attendance to go through the principles of the grass wedge and how to interpret and adjust it to your advantage, along with the “golden rules of grazing” to get the best out of your grassland management.