Major survey on dairy farming to reveal expansion details

A major survey on the dairy industry in Ireland and farmers expansion plans is being undertaken by the University of Limerick (UL).

UL is carrying out the survey on dairy farmers’ attitudes and behaviour towards farm expansion in the post-milk quota environment.

The survey will look at the motivations behind the decisions being made by Irish dairy farmers and looks to understand the reasons for the current changes occurring in the dairy sector.

So, if you’re a dairy farmer, your participation in this survey would be hugely appreciated.

Your response to the survey will be anonymous and in April you will be able to read the general results from the survey at here on Agriland.

Since the removal of milk quotas under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the Irish dairy industry has been in expansionary mode since the removal of the milk quotas under the CAP.

Many farmers have put in place ambitious and costly plans to maximise their farm’s milk production through investment in cows, land and more modern farm infrastructure.

Other farmers however have responded more cautiously and instead of incurring high expansion costs are looking to increase their milk output through improvements in farm efficiency.

There are also some farmers who are making no changes to their farms and whose milk production plans have not being influenced by the removal of the quotas.

Why are some farmers pursuing ambitious expansionary plans while others are being more cautious or not engaging in expansion?

Is it the case that the most ambitious farmers are focusing on the potential gains from farm expansion and are less concerned about the costs involved?

Are the more conservative farmers less optimistic about their ability to achieve high milk production targets? Are those farmers who have decided against expansion more concerned about future milk price volatility?

To take the survey, click here.