‘Major processing disruption avoided during CO2 shortage’

Any major disruption to processing activities has been avoided following the drop in CO2 supplies in recent weeks, according to a spokesperson for Meat Industry Ireland (MII).

CO2 is used in a number of areas of meat processing and packaging.

The industry is continuing to operate in “an extremely tight supply situation“, the spokesperson added.

It is understood that limited volume deliveries have taken place in order to avoid any potential disruptions to processing activities in Ireland.

While reports outlined that a major CO2 plant in the UK re-opened yesterday (Monday, July 2), the MII indicated that it will be middle of this month – at the earliest – before supplies of CO2 return to normal for this time of year.

In a previous statement, MII explained that the industry was working to manage supplies, to ensure a “prioritisation of CO2 supply in order to maintain – as much as possible – normal processing throughout”.

Continuing, it said: “Avoiding disruption to normal pig and poultry processing is critical.

“Retail packing operations are looking at alternative packaging options in so far as they are possible, but this can mean reduced shelf-life.

“We understand it will be a number of weeks before there is some normalisation of supply and in the meantime we are dependent on limited prioritised deliveries.”