Loose cows safely removed from Tipp road

Some loose cows have been safely removed from a public road in Co. Tipperary this morning, according to AA Roadwatch.

The cows were reportedly loose on the N74 Tipperary/Cashel road, between the towns of  Kilfeakle and Golden.

Motorists were advised to be very cautious in the area before the cattle were removed. The cows were roaming the road between 8:00am and 9:00am this morning.

At the beginning of 2017, cattle escaped out onto the M3 motorway and caused the road to be closed in both directions.

During rush hour traffic, at around 7:00am, the loose cattle reportedly caused a multi-vehicle crash. It was believed up to five cars were involved in the collision and reports emerged that some of the cattle were killed in the incident.

It took a number of hours for the cattle to be cleared from both sides of the motorway.

Loose cattle on the road: who’s responsible?

The Animals Act 1985 defines the law and duty on owners of livestock in respect of accidents or damage caused by his or her animals, a spokesperson for FBD Insurance told Agriland earlier this year. 

Livestock owners have a duty to ensure fencing is stock-proof and sufficiently maintained.

“In relation to insurance cover, anyone who owns livestock should have public liability insurance in place to protect them against risks associated with ownership of their livestock.

This is a basic minimum protection which all livestock owners and farmers should hold.

“In addition, many farmers purchase insurance in respect of livestock itself and one of the most common items is protection against loss of animals, when they stray from lands,” the spokesperson added.

According to FBD, farmers can also insure animals against the following: fire, lightning, explosion, storm, theft, flood, electrocution, collapse of slats and transit.