Looking for an alternative method of supplementing your ewes?

Like most agricultural sectors, the sheep industry is under sustained financial pressure to reduce the costs associated with production.

With fodder reserves tight on many farms, the majority of farming enterprises will explore practices to extend fodder while also reducing the impact both financially and nutritionally.

Although the focus of late has been on fodder shortages, underling areas – such as labour and grass utilisation – represent major costs to sheep production.

The time associated with labour and management associated with sheep production also need to be considered. Work carried out in 1997 estimated that these management areas require 6.6 hours of labour per year per year.

A solution

Given the factors outlined above, one solution may come through the use of Corby Rock 18% Ewe Cobs, which are specifically designed to be an effective alternative in the presentation of concentrates.

This allows alternative feeding strategies to be deployed to aid labour efficiencies and fodder utilisation in either lowland or hill flocks.

The 14mm pellet, called the cob, has all the accustomed qualities you would expect from a standard 5mm Corby Rock pellet. The only difference is that they’re pressed differently.

The presentation of this large pellet means it can be fed on top of grass, silage or on bedding at a minimal loss.

Ensuring there is sufficient trough space in a rapidly expanding enterprise can be difficult to measure and provide for.

The 18% cobs primary difference allows for unconventional feeding methods to be adopted, thus reducing the risk of inadequate nutrient intake.

With a 14mm cob, the concentrates can be utilised quickly and effectively virtually anywhere in the housing space or at pasture.

Releasing critical stocking space indoors, reducing poaching and the preservation of valuable grass are all financial benefits in reducing costs and increasing efficiency. These benefits are not associated with other forms of presenting concentrates.

When fed by hand or through applicators behind snackers on quads at pasture, Corby Rock 18% Cobs release valuable time for other tasks.

Labour savings:
  • Less labour – no troughs to be moved and no poaching;
  • Used outdoors in conjunction with extended grazing systems;
  • Requires very little usage of farm buildings – especially if expanding the flock;
  • Cobs can be used indoors on straw where trough space may not be sufficient;
  • Reduced waste;
  • Strong vigorous lambs that will take to suckling quicker.

Nutritional benefits

Each cob is profiled to meet the nutritional needs of the ewe and is packed with fortified minerals and vitamins that feed into the essential requirements of a modern ewe prior to lambing.

With an expected 200g of protein intake per ewe per day requirement leading up to lambing, Corby Rock 18% Ewe Cobs have a balanced composition and consistency of raw materials, including: soya; maize; barley; and maize distillers.

This ensures that the ewe is provided with the critical protein and energy supplies which are crucial in influencing lamb weight, vigour, survival and to aid in the prevention of twin lamb disease.

Nutritional benefits:
  • 18% protein;
  • Supplement deficits in feed availability;
  • Provide sufficient colostrum production;
  • High cereal content (maize and barley);
  • Soya bean included;
  • Reduced risk of twin lamb disease;
  • Stimulates good milk yields.

When ewes are grouped according to litter size, they’ll adopt to different feeding programmes to efficiently and effectively reach nutritional requirements.

Ewes bearing one lamb will generally require 30% less concentrates than twin-bearing ewes and triplet-bearing ewes will require 30% more. However, if silage quality is poor, higher levels will be required.

Post lambing, the 18% cobs continue to bridge the nutritional deficit from poor-quality silage or hay. And, when fed to match the ewes’ requirements, they’ll aid in the production of colostrum as well as maintain body condition score.

How are they available?

Primarily, the cobs are supplied in 25kg bags through an extensive merchant base. The company can also deliver in bulk quantities.

For inquires on bulk delivers, contact the Corby Rock office or a member of its field sales team. These two avenues, along with speaking to your local stockist or merchant, will be able to provide you with further pricing and information. Click here to find your local merchant