Local Link Donegal pilots green agenda

Local Link Donegal, which is part of the Rural Transport Network and which manages and co-ordinates renal dialysis transport for patients to Letterkenny University Hospital, has been involved in a pilot scheme where diesel cars were replaced with electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid vehicles.

The outcome of the six-week pilot programme and the practicalities of implementing such an initiative on the ground will be discussed at a conference ‘Let’s Talk Cleaner, Greener Transport’.

It will be held in the Mill Park Hotel, Donegal town, on Wednesday, April 4.

Image source: Clive Wasson

Local Link Donegal manager, Fiona O’Shea, said the purpose of the conference is to provide a platform for the findings of the pilot scheme which took place in February and March.

“This exciting new initiative aims to move renal dialysis transport from being a service delivered by traditional taxis and hackneys, fuelled by diesel, to a sustainable transport provision which will be more cost-effective while significantly reducing the carbon footprint,” she said.

There will be information from the taxi regulation section of the National Transport Authority on grants currently available for taxi and hackney operators (SPSV) and possible additional supports going forward.

“This will also be an opportunity to see first-hand a sample of sustainable vehicles available on the market,” she said.