Live demonstration for successful autumn reseeding

With autumn reseeding, timing is critical. Reseeding is expensive and therefore it is important to ensure you get the most from your efforts, in order to maximise the performance of your sward for its lifetime.

The upcoming Germinal Ireland reseeding demo, in association with Teagasc, at 11:00am on Wednesday, August 7, at Brian and Pat Hogan’s farm, Horse and Jockey, Co. Tipperary, will be a great opportunity for farmers to gain knowledge on how to maximise returns from reseeding, as all the main factors will be discussed on the day.

Soil health

On the day, Teagasc’s Mark Plunkett and Germinal’s Bill Reilly will be on hand at the upcoming event to offer advice and demonstrate how to examine soil structure and soil health in the field to get a better understanding of the key components of healthy soil, and how to identify issues including compaction.

Which grass varieties this autumn?

Dr. Mary McEvoy will explain the Pasture Profit Index and its importance when selecting grass varieties for reseeding. Mary will discuss the most suitable varieties for reseeding grazing and silage ground and how to assess grass seed mixtures.

Weed control

The best chance you will have to control weeds in the lifetime of the sward is post sowing. The most appropriate options for weed control in both new and established leys will be discussed.

Timing of herbicide application will be advised in terms of identifying the right stage to hit weeds to ensure you have a clean, weed free sward establishing.

Sustainable farming practices

Professor Gary Lanigan, Teagasc, and Jim Gibbons, Germinal, will discuss how we can optimise the production and utilisation of grass in a sustainable manner into the future.

Using technologies which have been shown to reduce losses of nitrogen (N), such as low emission slurry spreaders and protected urea, will be explained, as well as looking at the role of white clover and the potential of multi-species swards into the future.

Machinery demonstration

The method of reseeding in the autumn can have an impact on the success and establishment of the sward.

A number of different machines will be on display on the day including: discing; one-pass; and direct-seeding. The pros and cons of each method will be discussed, addressing the key steps to a successful reseed.

Attendees will have the opportunity to view the different methods in the field and assess which might work best in their own particular situation.

The Germinal Ireland reseeding demo will finish with a BBQ and the opportunity to visit the Germinal site in the Horse and Jockey to see the process involved in formulating a grass seed mixture. 16 IASIS points are allocated to this event.

All are welcome to attend and an expression of interest can be registered by calling Aoife on: 0504-41100; however, this is not a requirement.

The farm can be located by using Eircode E41 PX31, or find out more by clicking here.