Less than 50% of applicants have claimed under Calf Investment Scheme so far

Time is running out for farmers who are eligible to submit claims for payment under the Calf Investment Scheme, with the deadline for submissions looming.

To date, over 1,030 claims for payment under the Calf Investment Scheme have been submitted to the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, a spokesperson for the department confirmed.

Approvals issued to 2,338 applicants, according to the department – meaning that less than half of approved applicants have submitted claims.

“It is open to approved applicants to submit their payment claim before the final date for the submission of claims of September 30, 2020,” the spokesperson added.

Payments have commenced under the scheme and will continue to issue as claims are submitted and approved for payment.

“Approved applicants have been reminded to submit their payment claim before September 30, 2020,” the representative concluded.

Calf Investment Scheme

The Calf Investment Scheme was opened on Tuesday, January 7, 2020, and closed on Tuesday, January 28, 2020, for receipt of applications.

Under the scheme, the minimum investment required is €1,000, excluding VAT, while the maximum investment is €7,500 excluding VAT.

With the 40% grant aid applied to applications meeting all the terms and conditions of the scheme, the maximum grant for any applicant is €3,000.

The primary investment focus is supporting calf feeding systems such as computerised calf feeders, milk carts with mixer included and calf teat feeders.

When a farmer purchased one of these items, they were also eligible to receive support for the purchase of other items, such as calf milk heaters, calf forage / hay racks, calf meal troughs, calf feed barriers and calf pen dividers.