Latest factory prices: steers, heifers, cows

National Average Factory Prices for steers, cows, heifers for the week 21-27 October 2013, as reported by the Department of Agriculture.


Prices received by farmers for steers slightly up on average this week generally across grade classifications. National average prices for U=3+ cattle was 425c/kg last which represents a €0.5 when compared previous week. For cattle in the R=3+ grade 407c/kg was received on average by farmers which marginally up on the previous week. For O=3+ steers farmers received on average 389c/kg up €0.4 on the previous week.


Heifers were a similar story last week with average prices up somewhat nationally on the previous the week. U=3+ heifers were making 441c/kg last week €0.2 on the previous week. Farmers killing R=3+ heifers were receiving 421c/kg on average a slight increase€ 0.4 on the previous week. O=3+ heifers average prices also showed an improvement last week at 403c/kg up €0.3 on the previous week.


Average cow prices were a mixed bag again last week. U=4+ cows were on average making 381c/kg down a significant €0.11 on the previous week. However R=3= grade cows were up receiving 368c/kg on average, up €0.2 on the previous week. O=3+ were also down last week at 335c/kg showing a €0.4 on the previous week.

Click on graphs below for exact details/Source Department of Agriculture.

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 09.36.01



Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 09.34.52


Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 17.32.27


* A.B.G Average of Base Grades. Factories are ranked on the average of the reported prices paid for the QPS base grades (ie animals grading R= and R- on conformation and from 2+ to 4= on fat score). Prices include the 12c/kg in-spec Quality Assurance bonus paid on eligible animals and/or other bonuses. Prices include VAT @4.8 per cent. 


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