Lakeland announces milk price for April supplies

Lakeland Dairies has announced its price offering for milk supplies for the month of April.

The board of the processor has today, Monday, May 13, revealed that it will hold to its previous base price offering on March supplies.

A price of 31.28c/L, including VAT, has been set by the processor for April milk supplies; this compares to an overall price of 31.56c/L, including VAT and a lactose bonus, that was announced last month.

Meanwhile, the price offering to Northern Ireland suppliers has been set at 25.25p/L – which is the same as the figure for last month.

The co-op has said: “The ongoing uncertainty in the European dairy markets continues to cast a shadow on the sector.

“In terms of production, the news is positive with supply in the main milk producing countries under pressure. However, in terms of demand, the situation is sluggish in Europe with stores still full of product as a result of the uncertainty of Brexit,” continued a co-op statement.

Last month

Last month’s offering in the republic of 31.56c/L was also inclusive of a lactose bonus.

Overall, this constituted a 0.5c/L drop on the previous price for February supplies.

At the time, the co-op commented: “There continues to be weakness in the European markets, especially for butters and powders, driven by the considerable uncertainty around Brexit.

“There are persistently high volumes of dairy products in storage across Europe while the fluctuations in the euro–sterling exchange rates are a significant contributing factor at present,” continued the co-op’s statement.