Kilkenny KT meeting to focus on achieving profitable beef production

An upcoming KT approved event titled ‘Achieving Profitable Beef Production’ aims to outline best practice for beef farmers. The event will take place on Tuesday, January 15.

The meeting will take place in the Springhill Court Hotel, Co. Kilkenny, at 7:45pm and all are welcome to attend.

The meeting will be chaired by Teagasc Kilkenny drystock business and technology advisor, Terry Carroll.

The event will feature three guest speakers who will offer advice to the attendees on various aspects of the beef enterprise.

Teagasc’s Rachel Taylor will offer advice on key performance indicators such as calving efficiency and daily liveweight gains for suckler progeny.

She will give an overview on the various types of suckling systems that farmers embark on.

Catherine Egan from Teagasc’s Grass10 programme will deliver a presentation titled ‘Maximising Beef Output from Grass’.

Teagasc drystock manager Pearse Kelly will outline figures on the profitability of dairy beef systems.

Carroll explained: “A lot of drystock farmers tend to buy in Friesian and Hereford calves so we want to see how much can farmers make out of them and how much can farmers pay for them.”

A factory view on beef prospects will be given by Kepak’s Johnathan Forbes.

Forbes will give a forecast on beef prices for future months.

Carroll concluded by outlining the event is KT approved for both beef and dairy farmers and urged all to attend.