Kerry decides to hold its milk price for the third month in a row

Kerry has decided to hold its milk price for the third month in a row, meaning its suppliers will receive a base price of 36c/L including VAT for November milk.

Prior to these three consecutive decisions to hold its milk price, the processor had increased its milk price for four months on the trot.

Its decision to hold its milk price for the eleventh month of this year follows on from similar decisions made by Lakeland Dairies and Glanbia Ireland last week.

Glanbia will pay its milk suppliers 35c/L, including VAT, for November manufacturing milk supplies at 3.6% butterfat and 3.3% protein.

This also represents Glanbia Ireland’s third consecutive month to hold its milk price.

Meanwhile, Lakeland Dairies also held its milk price for November; it suppliers will receive a base price of 36.5c/L – including VAT and a 1c/L butter bonus.

Other processors are set to reveal their milk prices for November supplies in the near future.

Ornua’s PPI for November takes a hit

Ornua’s Purchase Price Index (PPI) has taken a hit for the month of November, reducing to 115 percentage points – down from 116.4 for October.

While still higher than September’s figure of 114.3, Ornua’s recent announcement nonetheless brings an end to six consecutive monthly increases in 2017.

In spite of the slight decrease, the PPI for November still compares favourably to every month – bar the previous month – since September 2014.


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