Kerry cuts September milk price by 3c/L

Kerry Group has cut its September milk price by 3c/L, bringing the price down to 32c/L. It comes after the dairy processor held its August price.

The move comes days after Glanbia cut its September milk price earlier this week by 2.5c/L. The move means Glanbia’s September milk price is 30.5c/L, down 2.5c/L from its August milk price of 33c/L.

Glanbia Society is proposing a patronage bonus which will offset the impact of the price adjustment and was communicated to its suppliers on Friday.

Glanbia also cut its August milk price by 2c/L to 33c/L. Last month it explained that, due to market conditions, Glanbia Ireland Ingredients Limited had reduced its August manufacturing milk price by 2c/l to 33c/L (inc. VAT).

Town of Monaghan has also cuts its milk price for September by 1c/L to 33c/L.

Lakeland Dairies is meeting later this week to decide its September price, while Dairygold is not expected to meet to discuss its September price until next week.


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