Kepak to host international meat conference events in Cork

Kepak Group is set to host two of the flagship events taking place as part of the 63rd International Congress of Meat Science and Technology being held in Cork this week (August 13-17).

Along with a programme including captivating topics of global interest, over 400 delegates will be participating in an array of informative events and technical tours.

These events include a Kepak-sponsored visit to Teagasc Moorpark, where delegates will sample grass-fed Irish beef from Kepak Cork.

As well as this, a technical tour of Kepak Cork, Kepak’s flagship site, will be held – where delegates will be shown best practice in meat processing, covering topics from animal welfare to slow cooking of meats, according to Kepak.

Sean Coffey, CEO of Kepak’s Meat Division, commented on the occasion, stating: “As a Silver Sponsor of this prestigious international event, we are delighted to open our doors at Watergrasshill, Co. Cork, to delegates including food scientists, engineers, food industry professionals, thought leaders, decision makers, regulatory authorities and students from over 55 countries, and to share with them insights into our sustainable grass-fed beef programme, delivering at the very highest level to our valued customers.”

Kepak is extremely proud to be involved in such an important global industry event – events such as these are crucial in facilitating the effective exchange of information and ideas on relevant topics in the world of meat science and technology.

“As an Irish company and one of Europe’s leading food innovators, we welcome the opportunity to facilitate and encourage dialogue between industry and researchers which will continue well beyond this congress, to gather new knowledge and to foster partnerships with the global world of meat science at this innovation-driven international forum,” Coffey said.

“Kepak is also a founding member of a government sponsored cross-Irish meat company food science research programme, Meat Technology Ireland, launched earlier this year.

Faced with the challenges ahead, investment in research and innovation will be the key to future success.

The international congress, taking place over five days, sees 150 different organisations represented from over 65 countries, and embodies a global collaboration of the elite in meat science, research and innovation.

During the event, scientific, industry and policy experts share new findings, practical experiences and lessons learned in their respective fields.