Just 9 applications received for fodder transport subsidy so far

Just nine completed applications for the much talked about fodder transport subsidy, according to the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

In a statement on the matter, a spokesperson for the Department of Agriculture said: “The department can confirm that, as of this morning [Tuesday, March 20], nine completed applications for the fodder transport measure have been received in department offices in Portlaoise.

“This is not unexpected, as farmers may be holding off submitting application forms until they receive the required amount of fodder – thereby only submitting one declaration form from the co-operative.

Processing of applications for payment can only take place when the completed application, including the co-operative declaration and fodder budget, has been received.

“The measure remains fully available to farmers, as announced in January,” the spokesperson said.


Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed recently spoke about the fodder transport subsidy in the Dail.

Answering a question from independent TD Michael Healy-Rae on a matter regarding the scheme, Minister Creed said: “Farmers, within the region identified by Teagasc as having a significant fodder shortage and having completed a fodder budgeting exercise with their FAS agricultural advisor, will be eligible to receive a financial contribution of €8 per standard 4X4 bale of hay or straw for feeding and €12 per standard 4X4 bale of silage or haylage.

This contribution is payable towards the additional cost of transporting fodder sourced through the co-operative system. Farmers will still pay the cost of the fodder in the normal way.

“Only the shortfall in fodder will be eligible to receive support under the measure,” the minister said.