Ireland falls again on EU beef price league table

Ireland has dropped to eight on the EU deadweight heifer price league table, the latest figures from the Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) show.

For the week ending November 15, 2015 the average R3 heifer price in the Republic of Ireland was 395.8c/kg.

This is an increase of 4.7c/kg from the 391.1c/kg paid in the week ending October 18, 2015, according to the LMC.

This latest price for R3 heifers in the Republic is 0.7c/kg above the EU average price and 57.5c/kg lower than the equivalent price in Northern Ireland.

In the week ending November 15, the average R3 heifer price in Northern Ireland was the equivalent of 453.3c/kg.

This latest price is up 18.4c/kg from the 435.0c/kg paid in the week ending October 10, 2015.

The Northern Irish R3 heifer price was 58.2c/kg higher than the EU average in the week ending November 15 compared to 44.3c/kg in the week ending October 18.

Northern Ireland has reclaimed the second top spot on the EU league table.

Looking to Britain, for the week ending November 15 the average R3 heifer price was the equivalent of

This was an increase of 18.4c/kg compared to week ending October 18, when it was the equivalent of 475.2c/kg.

The increase in British R3 heifer price resulted in the British /EU price differential widening from 84.5c/kg in the week ending October 18 to 98.5c/kg in the week ending November 15.

Heifer price
Image: LMC

Cattle Marts – Demand for plain stores falls as some lots drop by €50-60/head

Plain store cattle, especially Friesian steers, have taken a price hit in recent weeks with these lots back by €50-60/head.

According to mart managers, plainer cattle are becoming more frequent in the ring and this is having a negative impact on the trade.

Despite the fall in demand for plainer lots on the back of increased throughput, there are plenty of buyers for the quality lots on offer, report mart managers across the country.

Store steers, last week, generally made €1.33-3.13/kg while the heavier forward beef classes traded from €1.40-2.74/kg despite the uncertainty in the beef market.

There was also a good trade reported for the better quality heifers, but the poorer quality lots remained difficult to sell.

According to mart managers, store heifers sold from €1.62-2.98/kg while forward beef lots made €1.44-2.49/kg.


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