Insider’s guide to tractor trade-ins

Ahead of winter routine work, autumn is one of the best times to upgrade farm machinery, taking advantage of the competitive offers that manufacturers tend to release at this point in the year.

This also provides opportunities for those looking to trade in their machines, as dealers will be looking for good, used machines to keep up with demand for those not wanting to buy new.

The Fitzgerald family at Kill Agricultural Services Ltd have served the farming community of Co. Waterford and the surrounding region for over 65 years. Below, Patrick Fitzgerald gives his top tips for getting the best deal when trading in your machine:

Maintain your machine

“While a tractor is a working machine, it does pay to look after it, particularly when it comes to getting the best trade-in value,” says Patrick.

“Farmers are extremely busy people and often there simply is not enough time or labour available to carry out small home repairs or routine work. Therefore, it pays to get machines serviced regularly by your main dealer.

“This gives the customer peace of mind whilst also providing the dealer with an invaluable service history. Regularly greasing and keeping your tractor looking well are factors which will prove intrinsic to subsequent trade-in value.”

Compare prices and warranty

“When buying a new or used machine, the sale price can be very much affected by the warranty package on offer,” continues Patrick.

“Make sure you fully understand what is covered and what isn’t, so that you are comparing like-with-like. Extended warranties can be particularly useful for those who change their machine regularly, as in some instances you can trade it in with some warranty cover left on it, which is attractive to buyers.”

“When choosing a second-hand tractor, brand and model are equally as important as the warranty package on offer, the availability of parts and the availability of service,” concludes Patrick.

Further information

Case IH currently has a range of offers available across the range including four-year, 4,000 warranty on selected machines.

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