Hurdle your way to Ploughing 2013

Husqvarna obstacle course set to challenge visitors the National Ploughing Championships 2013. The course which will showcase new products from the Husqvarna range will see the public team up with professionals to complete the course using hedge trimmers, chainsaws and blowers!

The course will be open to visitors at the ploughing event in Laois, which is expected to attract up to 190,000 visitors from September 24 to 26. Members of the public will be teamed up with a professional from Tree Care Ireland who will race up 30 metre tall poles in the centre of the arena to demonstrate Husqvarna’s professional chainsaw range.

Participants will be required to wear protective gear in what promises to be a fun event to both watch and participate in!

For more information on the National Ploughing Championships see here.

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