HerdApp: Instant access to information and making inspections easy

For the last few months farmers have been getting to experience the new AgriNet HerdApp and really see what it can do. HerdApp was launched in February and puts AgriNets 25 years of experience in farm software onto the smartphone.

The feedback so far has been pointing to two really important areas for farmers. The first being the headache of drug records and preparing for Bord Bia inspections; the second is making herd data instantly accessible on the phone.

Bord Bia inspections can be stressful if you do not have all your records organised or if you have to struggle to print reports. HerdApp scans drug information, and allows for easy recording of usage including in batches of animals.

However, the real power comes at inspection time. You can just hand the phone to the inspector. If you do need to print, you can do it quickly from the browser login or email from the phone app.

Instant access to information means that in the time it would normally take you to figure out – for example, what cows are due to dry – you can have the job done already.

HerdApp syncs with the ICBF database so all your animal information is already there. The jobs list tells you what needs to be done and what animals – be it dry off, due to calve etc. Just pull out the phone and get the info you need.

One user, John Holton, a dairy farmer in Limerick, commented: “For our 400+ cow herd in Limerick, myself and the other four members of staff are on HerdApp.

John Holton in the parlour

“For me HerdApp offers much more than cross compliance; it’s a supreme management tool. From treatments in the parlour to batch doses, everyone is on the same page.”

Andrew O’Sullivan, a dairy farmer in Cork had this to say: “The app saves time during the busy calving period by allowing me to register calves in bulk at the click of a button.

Approaching the dry period, HerdApp aided me by giving a simple list of cows for selective dry cow therapy, rather than manually picking them out from my milk recording results. So easy to use and efficient with ample information at my fingertips.

AgriNets 25 years experience and excellent support service means HerdApp is really setting the new standard in farm software. HerdApp is free to sign up and the breeding module is always free – just download from the app store.


Another innovation from HerdApp is Smartstart; the farm can just text “smart” to: 087-6195575 and AgriNet will get it touch to set you up.

As the first month is free no payment details are needed at the start either. The breeding module is always free but the drugs, births, and moves part of the app is paid for after the first month.

For more information on HerdApp Click here