Goodman’s ABP assumes majority shareholding in Ireland’s largest organic beef processor

ABP, the Larry Goodman owned food group, has been cleared to take sole control of Good Herdsmen – Ireland’s largest organic beef processor.

Earlier today (October 13), the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CPCC) approved the takeover, which will see ABP acquire a majority shareholding in the business.

In a statement, the CPCC said: “The commission has formed the view that the proposed transaction will not substantially lessen competition in any market for goods or services in the state.”

Founded in 1989, Good Herdsmen has grown to be the largest dedicated organic meat processor in both Ireland and the UK; it has the capacity to slaughter 6,000 cattle on an annual basis. These cattle are purchased from organic certified farms throughout the Republic of Ireland.

One of Good Herdsmen’s founders, John Purcell, will continue to operate, manage and retain a significant shareholding in the Cahir-based organic beef processor.

Good Herdsmen has been working in partnership with ABP since 2010. In that time, it has extended its international footprint; it now serves markets such as France, Germany and the UK. It must also be noted that beef sold on the domestic market accounts for 20% of the company’s sales.

In addition to Good Herdsmen, ABP jointly controls to other meat processing companies. These are Slaney Foods and Irish Country Meats.


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